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Online webcam effects | Take photo online

Introducing our new flash application with which you can take photo with your webcam right on this page. It is not always convenient to go for a digital camera and then upload the picture to the computer. Sometimes you just have to make a quick and instant photo using a webcam to update the avatar Vkontakte or upload a photo to their profile. Or just grimaced and send to a friend. Etc., etc., In such cases, do not want to strain and face unnecessary difficulties. You want everything to be easy and simple. Pressed and preserved. For these purposes and created this flash drive. It's as easy as a Kalashnikov rifle and has two functions: to click and save. This is a very convenient way. You do not need anything except a computer mouse and a couple of minutes time. This is very similar to the old Soviet apparatus, which allowed to make instant photos for a special badge. Only here all absolutely free. To take pictures online, follow detailed instructions, which is a little higher. The program interface is simple and straightforward. There are two modes. In the first shooting occurs, and in the second view and save the files to disk. To switch between modes as you can with the help of special buttons on the right toolbar, or by directly clicking on the thumbnail of the photo (or the button "Click" if you are in view mode). To release the shutter, you can use the space bar or the Enter key. In the top left corner (in view mode) always displays the number of already made pictures. By default, the number of simultaneously stored in the memory of pictures is equal to fifteen. If you want to take a picture on a web camera more times, then just delete some pictures with the cross on the thumbnail (or delete all by clicking on "reset"). That can take a picture on a webcam? Yes before anything. Most people want a beautiful picture to the avatar or to remember, so relieve themselves. Sometimes you want to take photos of your room or pet. Or to capture the view from the window. Very fun to be photographed with their friends, grimace and wriggle. Also, often (especially girls) want to see if their new looks hairstyle in the photos, and then there is nothing better than a simple web Cam and our service with which to make such photos very convenient. If the window is too small, you can enlarge it by clicking on the plus sign in the top left corner. Photos are saved in the amount of 920x690 pixels.
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